Irisbus Irisbus Magelis PRO(TOURISM COACH 12,20m and 12,80m)

Astra Truck


IVECO CURSOR 10 Euro 5 mounted longitudinally at rear VGT Turbocharged (air-air) with intercooler, water cooled Electronically-controlled injection pump 6 cylinders in line, 4 valves by cylinder
Decompression engine brake

Total displacement 10 308 cm³
Max. power output 280 kW(380Hp)
Max. torque 1600 Nm
Reinforced urea reheat Cruise control integrated with speed limiter Double cartridge fuel filter. Fuel pre-filter with water separator Large capacity air filter with blockage warning
Optional*: Engine powered 330 kW (450Hp) / 2100 Nm EEV exhaust emission standard


Length 12 200 mm12 765 mm
Width 2 550 mm
Max height (with A/C) 3 620 mm
Wheelbase 6 321 mm 6 886 mm
Front / rear overhang 2 619 mm 3 260 mm
Interior height 2 100 mm
Floor Height 1 380 mm
Height of the 1st step Front/rear door 343 mm 347 mm
Width of front/central door 830 mm 770 mm
Approach/ Departure angle 8° / 8°
Curb to curb turning radius 9 250 mm10 000 mm
Wall to wall turning radius 11 025 mm11 625 mm
Front / Rear axle max weight7 100 kg12 600 kg*
G.V.W.* 19 000 kg*
Volume of inner luggage racks 1,25 m³1.31 m³
Volume lockers with WC and without berth (without WC +1m³) 9.5 m³10.8 m³
             * depends on local regulation and options

Mechanic gearbox ZF 6S 1600 Exterior warning buzzer with the shift of reverse speed

Optional*: Gearbox robotized ZF As-Tronic Hillholder (with AS-Tronic only)


Independent front wheel-axle ZF 8098 Direction

Rear axle with a simple central reduction, ratio 3,36; maximum speed 156 km/h

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