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Kargomaks Dooel Miladinovci Ilinden is the sole official dealer of Iveco vehicles for Macedonia and it started its activity as an official representative for Iveco vehicles in 2007.

The company has always kept up with the standards of the Principal, providing the best combination of services in the world of transport: sale of commercial and special vehicles, service and sale of spare parts and components from the whole range of IVECO.

Kargomaks Dooel Miladinovci Ilinden invested more than 2 million euros in the construction and equipping of the largest center for commercial vehicles in Macedonia, whose headquarters are at St.10 No.152 B, Miladinovci, 1042 Ilinden, Skopje. The center for service and sales has a covered area of 2,100 m2, which is located on an area of more than 14,000 m2. The premises that the company owns are divided into three main areas: commercial and administrative offices, truck service and automatic washing machine for trucks and warehouse for spare parts.

Kargomaks Dooel Miladinovci Ilinden has invested in both after-sales and the latest technology in service. The workshop is built from materials and technology that are of the best European quality and are in full compliance with the latest standards of the Principal. The workshop has 14 workstations. As part of the service, there is also an automatic washing machine for trucks, the one of its kind in Macedonia. In addition to the modern complete diagnostic equipment and special tools for vehicles from the Iveco range, the service has also an equipment for testing and checking the functionalities of the braking and steering systems, as well as equipment for mounting/dismounting and balancing the tires.

The employees of Kargomaks Dooel Miladinovci Ilinden are carefully selected and trained so they can easily respond to the needs of the customers with high professionalism.

The company invests in its personnel and thus develops reliable, highly professional commercial and after-sales teams that are ready to face the needs of the growing market demands.

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