Vision, mission and strategy

We are driven by the pursuit of providing lasting value to our customers, employees and partners. Our values are the foundation of our enterprise, guiding our decisions, driving innovation and defining our organizational culture. As a result, we strive to achieve the following:

1. Customer oriented: we  prioritize the needs of our customers and strive to exceed their expectations in every interaction. With maximum investment towards their needs and requirements, we develop personalized solutions that facilitate their business operations and enable them to have a successful business.

2. Excellence in quality: we set high standards for ourselves, constantly striving for excellence in every aspect of our operations. From our products and services to our customer support we adhere to quality as an integral aspect of our enterprise.

3. Integrity and transparency: integrity is the foundation of our relationships with customers, partners and employees. Our actions are characterized by honesty, transparency and ethical behavior which earns trust and respect from all interested parties.

4. Innovation and adaptability: we feel the need for change as an opportunity for growth and progress. By cultivating a culture of innovation and agility we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our offerings and adapt to changing market conditions.

5. Responsibility towards our employees: our success is due to our dedicated and trained team. We invest in our employees enabling them to develop professionally and thereby significantly contribute to the company’s vision.

6. Sustainability and social responsibility: we are committed to making a positive impact on society and as well as on the environment. Our business practices are based on sustainability and social responsibility in order to create a better future for all.

7. Cooperation and partnership: we believe in the strength of cooperation and the synergy it brings. By creating strong partnerships we increase our capabilities and provide complete solutions for our clients.

8. Continuous improvement: it is a pleasure to be part of our company. We encourage a culture of continuous improvement by maintaining a business climate for learning and accomplishing new things that encourage feedback and that alone encourages the growth and development of our company and the business surroundings in which all of us operate.

Ве молиме да ни ги дадете вашите податоци подолу за да дознаете повеќе. Еден од нашите специјалисти ќе ве контактира наскоро

Обработка на моите податоци од Каргомакс Дооел Миладиновци Илинден со помош на автоматизирани или електронски средства+ вклучително и преку пошта или е-пошта, телефон (на пр. автоматизирани телефонски повици, SMS, MMS, факс) и кои било други (на пр. веб-страници, мобилни апликации), со цел испраќање комерцијална комуникација како и рекламирање на производи и услуги.

Пренесување на моите податоци до Каргомакс Дооел Миладиновци Илинден+и нивна обработка со цел испраќање комерцијална комуникација како и рекламирање на производи и услуги или вршење истражувања на пазарот.

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